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Your CRNA Job Cover Letter

CRNA Cover Letter When you’re ready to start applying for nurse anesthetist jobs and CRNA positions, make sure you’re providing your prospective employer with a strong cover letter. Many nurse anesthetist jobs require a cover letter, updated resume, references, and an in-person interview as part of the application process. You can either apply for the [...]

Top CRNA Schools

What are the Top 10 CRNA Programs in the USA? If you are looking for a CRNA school that offers a comprehensive nurse anesthetist program, consider applying to one of the top-ranking schools in the nation. Many of these schools are very competitive and have some very strict entrance requirements. Most require you to not [...]

Tips on CRNA Job Interviews

Important Tips for a CRNA Job Interview You’ve worked hard to complete your CRNA program and earn your degree. As you get ready to enter the job market, make sure you’re well-prepared for your CRNA job interview and have a solid understanding of what your employer needs. Certified Registered Nursing Assistant (CRNA) jobs are readily [...]

CRNA Career Prospects

How Rewarding is a Career as a CRNA? More than 26 million people in the United States undergo some type of medical procedure that requires anesthesia. A certified registered nurse anesthetics (CRNA) works with these patients before, during, and after their procedure to provide and regulate the amount of anesthesia administered throughout treatment. If you [...]

Are CRNAs Affected at All by Healthcare Costs?

CRNAs Affected by Healthcare Costs Why is the job market for CRNAs so strong? Every year the cost of healthcare continues to go up rapidly. In this time of economic uncertainty it is imperative to derive ways to reduce growing medical costs in order to create a productive healthcare system.  It is obvious that the [...]

Looking Closely at One School’s CRNA Course

An In-Depth Look at One School’s CRNA Program The first organized program to educate nurse anesthetists was offered in 1909.  There are currently about 112 programs offering a certified registered nurse anesthetist degree in the United States.  It takes a minimum of seven years of education and experience to become a CRNA.  The average student [...]

Are CRNAs Getting The Respect They Rightfully Deserve?

CRNAs Earning the Respect They Deserve Becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist is not an easy or fast educational path.  These individuals have obtained their bachelor’s degree in nursing, worked in an intensive care unit for at least a year and pursued a master’s degree.  CRNAs must be very dedicated and intelligent to complete this [...]

Why Some States Are Choosing to Opt Out of the Physician Supervision Medicare Rule

Some States Opting Out of Medicare Rule Requiring Physician Supervision of CRNAs Independent CRNA practice has existed for over 100 years, yet it wasn’t until recently people have been in a dispute about this autonomy.  It is a confusing issue and not an easy issue to explain.  The first nurse anesthetists were in the military [...]

CRNAs Versus Anesthesiologist Assistants

How CRNAs and Anesthesiologist Assistants Differ What is the difference between a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) and an Anesthesiologist Assistant (AA)?  This is a very good question and one many people are asking.  One fundamental difference is that anesthesiologist assistants must work under the medical supervision of a licensed anesthesiologist, while many times a [...]