Sample Nurse Anesthetist Resumes

After completing an accredited CRNA program and gaining some work experience in the field, it's important to prepare a professional-looking CRNA resume. Take some time to review a sample nurse anesthetist resume and look at CRNA examples online so that you know exactly what type of information you need to include in your own resume. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) resumes must show all relevant work experience, education and training completed, and list your career objectives. Future employers will ask for your resume when you apply for a position and before you even have a chance to meet them for your interview.

Components of a CRNA Resume

The typical CRNA resume can be broken down into several components and elements. Make sure you have your work history, registration and licensing information, and all types of training listed on your resume so that a prospective employer can determine whether you are qualified for the position you're applying for.

The key components of a CRNA resume include:

  • Objective or personal statement - this section of the CRNA resume needs to include information about your career goals, your current proficiencies, and any specialized experience you have. This section only needs to be about two or three sentences long and is a personal statement that captures some key details about your professional life.
  • Training - list all of the education and training programs you've completed to become a CRNA. This needs to include any life support courses in a particular specialization and any career-related training you've completed.
  • First aid skills - disclose your Certified Nurse Anesthetist number here
  • Employment history - list all positions held that are related to your medical or nursing career. Include the date of employment, your title, and explain some of the key duties and responsibilities of your role.
  • Registration - you will need to provide your state registration number (RN #)
  • Education - list all of the schools you have attended (not the training programs completed), and the dates you graduated. If you include your high school here, make sure you include your graduation date and whether you received a diploma
  • References - you don't have to list references in your CRNA resume unless your employer asks for it. The brief statement, "References available upon request" is appropriate for a nurse anesthetist resume.

Reviewing a Sample Nurse Anesthetist Resume

If you are entering the job market for the first time after completing your CRNA program and training at medical facilities, take some time to review a sample nurse anesthetist resume online so you know what type of information to include in your own resume. Future employers will need a simple, well-formatted CRNA resume that lists your career objectives and accurately shows your educational experience, skills, registration information, licenses and any advanced training you've received. Look at a sample nurse anesthetist resume to see how this information can be presented and formatted professionally, and create your own from this template.

You can find a sample nurse anesthetist resume online by doing a simple search for "CRNA resume" or "nurse anesthetist resume". You can also hire a professional resume writer to compile and format this information for you.